Haddas Eshel: Again (Israel)

Tanz.tausch/ Juni 24, 2022/ tanz.parcours

Foto ©: Amir Mazor

A physical research of basic movement interest of repetitiveness, which hides countless suggestions, and tells us something about some kind of human existence, and about our creative existence. The research is formed as a duet that shows the different aspects of researched repetitive movement, presenting the multiple shapes it can take, exploring the repetitive engines it presents.

Haddas Eshel is an Israeli dancer and choreographer. Graduated from Kelim Centre, Peridance NYC, and many workshops worldwide, winner of the Isadora Duncan Scholarship.

Eshel danced for acclaimed artists. Her original pieces are touring international dance festivals.

Choreographer – Haddas Eshel
Dancers – Nimrod Poles, Haddas Eshel
Music – Kanye West
The piece was produced during the LOFT Residency in Kiel, Germany

A production of Haddas Eshel
Production began at the LOFT residency in Kiel, Germany.